The Ideri (3D Style Face Mask) | Big Kid Size


Look. We had Alpha. Then Delta. And now Omicron is out here trying to “touch” everyone. Do your part with our Ideri 3D style face covering. With sizing for Kids, Teens and Adults, everyone in your household is covered. We got you.

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Our face coverings feature 3 layers of material (two 100% woven cotton layers and one layer of non-woven polypropylene for ‘filtering’) in a comfortable 3D fit with maximum facial coverage. Available with ear loops or an over the head strap for even more wearability.

For maximum longevity, hand wash your mask(s) in hot water and rinse well. Dry in the sun or in a dryer on medium heat. If ironing, iron on MEDIUM so the middle layer doesn’t melt.

Please note these are NOT medical face covers and should not be considered as such.

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Size Chart

Little Kid - approx. 5" nose to chin. Should fit ages 3 to 7.

Big Kid - approx. 5.25" nose to chin. Should fit ages 8 to 12.

Teen - approx. 5.5" nose to chin. Should fit ages 12 to 15.

Adult - approx 5.75" nose to chin. Should fit ages 16+.

Adult XL - approx. 6.5" nose to chin. For adults with larger heads/faces or people with beards.