What is a Headwrap?

So you’ve been seeing women all over Instagram and Twitter wearing headwraps and you’re wondering: what’s the big deal? What is the point? What IS a headwrap?

For many, wearing headwraps isn’t just a fashion statement – it’s a lifestyle. It is also a cultural tie for many African and African-American women. During periods of slavery in the U.S., many slaves wore headwraps (also known as head ties) as a way of honoring their homeland. You see, headwraps in Africa were worn to signify community (pbs.org). While slave masters viewed them as a symbol of subordination, the slaves had a way to bring themselves together without the masters truly understanding.

In today’s society, I believe they are worn as a huge embrace to our history as black women. This does not make them exclusive to only black women, but it is important to note their significance to the black female community. This spirit of boldness is what elinorah.com embodies in our tagline “empowered style.” Regardless of what others have told us about who we are or what we represent, we will continue to shine and come together in solidarity. Empowered. In Style.

Cheers to that!


-Krystine, Owner/Operator

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