PRESS: Yahoo Style & Beauty

Have you been scouring the web for the best headwraps? According to Yahoo Style & Beauty, our Double Helix headwrap is one of the hottest 7 for this summer! Featuring a vibrant emerald green pattern, you’re sure to stand out and be noticed! So what are you waiting for? Grab one today!  

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“Why Should I Shop Elinorah?”

Every where you turn, there seems to be another online boutique or shop. And another. AND ANOTHER. Sheesh! How do you know who to shop with? What makes them more special? We can’t speak for everyone else but we can tell you why is special and unique. is an online shop dedicated to […]

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What is a Headwrap?

So you’ve been seeing women all over Instagram and Twitter wearing headwraps and you’re wondering: what’s the big deal? What is the point? What IS a headwrap? For many, wearing headwraps isn’t just a fashion statement – it’s a lifestyle. It is also a cultural tie for many African and African-American women. During periods of […]

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We are here and we’re glad you are, too.

  It’s launch time and we are so thrilled to be up and running. Welcome to, an online boutique made by and for women. We only feature items made by or curated by women in an effort to provide a safe space where women feel empowered, inside and out. Our tagline, “empowered style” evokes […]

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