“Why Should I Shop Elinorah?”

Every where you turn, there seems to be another online boutique or shop. And another. AND ANOTHER. Sheesh! How do you know who to shop with? What makes them more special?

We can’t speak for everyone else but we can tell you why elinorah.com is special and unique.

Elinorah.com is an online shop dedicated to selling items made and/or curated by women. Why? Glad you asked. Women are FULL of ideas and new life. Innovative, creative, visionary…we do it all! But while that is our greatest asset, it is also our biggest hurdle: WE. DO. IT. ALL. So often, we spend so much of our time doing for everyone else that we push that dream back another year. Then another five. Then it becomes a wish. A distant thought. Well we are aiming to stop that. From entrepreneurs who have taken that step to newbies who need a platform but haven’t been able to create their own, we want to feature ALL OF YOU. Accessories, clothing, technology, home goods. There is no limit. If you’ve got it, we want it. And we want you.

Aside from our mission, we are accessible and down to earth. This isn’t about me; you won’t see my face plastered everywhere. This is about WOMEN everywhere. Let’s grab our destinies by the ears and get on with it. Take charge! We would never make you feel like you aren’t important and we strive not to make any of our like-minded (because we don’t have competitors; we are in this together) sisters feel that way either.

So go ahead. Shop Elinorah. And be proud about it.

See you soon!


Krystine, Owner/Operator

IG @krystinealaina

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